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The Basics

StoreFront by KudiGo is a software for managing your retail business; this can either be a business selling physical items (eg. Supermarket) or a business offering services (eg. a barber saloon).

You need an ANDROID PHONE or ANDROID TABLET to be able to use StoreFront. You can also use your personal computer to access StoreFront; KudiGO offers a hardware device you can purchase to run the softwware

StoreFront helps you manage every aspect of your physical business location; such as inventory, sales, customers, expenses, suppliers and any more

StoreFront enables you to create an online store for your business and manage this from the StoreFront mobile or web applcation. You can accept payments locally and worldwide and connect to several of our delivery partners locally and globally.

  • Inventory Management
    Add Stock, Transfer Stock, Track Expiring Products and more
  • Sales Management
    Process cash sales, sell on credit, accept card payment, split payments, send invoices and more..
  • Customer Management
    Add customer info, send SMS reciepts, send bulk messages, offer customer discounts, offer group discounts and more...
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Case Study - Pharmacy

For a pharmacy to use StoreFront, the are some basic things to consider

  • How do you record your data now? In a book, excel sheet, a software or none?
  • How do you want to process sales? Scan barcodes to sell, simple search to sell, or both?
  • Do you intend to track expiring products, suppliers and customers who by from you?

If the answer to any of the above is YES; you begin your Storefrot setup from the web portal making use of the BULK UPLOAD template provided in the products section to easily add all your products. Only do this after you have created your StoreFront account and activated your 30 day FREE TRIAL subscription.

After uploading your products using the bulk upload template; adjust the quantities in stock to reflect your current stock value and you are ready to start using your StoreFront.

  • Use offline shop settings to setup how your physical store operates
  • Use online shop settings to setup how your online store operates
  • Activate payment acceptance by providing the required documents to get quick approval.

How We Works!!

Simplicity is KEY


Add Products Your own Way

No need to change the way you track your products; use the same product names, descriptions, set your prices and units just as you do today; Use the bulk upload template if you have more than 10 different products


Focus On Sales & Products First!

To quickly get started, add your products and attempt some sales on StoreFront to understand how the solution works for your business; that's all you need to know to get started with StoreFront.


Limit Access To Your Staff

Give limited access to your store manager, or sales assistant to help you manageyour store; you can limit what they see and what they on the system at any time..


Activate Payment Acceptance

Setting up your payment options is easy and quick; simply provide the information required and you will be ready to get approved in 24 hours..

We have put together a step by step guide for you to get started with StoreFront.

Checkout our Help Center

Need professional help? We have resellers who can come help you for a small fee

Our resellers are trained to help you setup your StoreFront and train your staff on how to use the system; for as low as $20 and hour you can get someone in your store to help you.


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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