Products on StoreFront is a key tool with a whole lot of features that benefit the average retail business. Located on the StoreFront Dashboard, it simplifies and digitizes the products / services aspect of any business with ease.

After shop creation, the next step for the StoreFront user is to upload products. Product upload can happen in 3 ways on StoreFront. You can choose:

  • Add By Myself
  • Request Bulk Upload Template
  • KudiGo Product Gallery

To choose the Add By Myself option is to choose to input the products into your StoreFront shop one at a time. By selecting this option, you can upload products by filling a simple form with all the necessary product information such as Product Name, Selling Price, Supplier Price, Expiry Date, VAT rate etc. You can also upload pictures with each product you create in your shop, for easy identification.

Please note that products refers to the different items / services you sell in your business.

So to illustrate:

Products = Geisha Soap 300mg, Milo 1 kg

Products =/= Milo 1 kg (#1), Milo 1 kg (#2) etc

To choose the Request Bulk Upload Template is to request an excel sheet that you can populate with your product information and upload to your StoreFront shop via StoreFront 360. This is a highly recommended option for businesses with large numbers of varying goods / services.

The KudiGo Product Gallery is a database of products that have been uploaded to StoreFront by all the various Merchants on the platform. The products results you see when you choose that option will be specific to your industry (that you specified during shop creation). You would just need to select the pre-created products to add them to your shop.

The Products Tool also allows for Users to create Product Category. This helps shops with huge numbers of varying products to find products easily during a Sales Order.

Business owners can also create Product Discounts on items / services they offer so that they reflect promotional sales or discount offers that are ongoing in the physical business.

Units of Measurement that are used in the shop, such as:

  • 1 kilogram
  • 1 pound
  • 500 millilitres
  • 4.5 litres

can also be captured on StoreFront. This is done in a bid to accurately represent sales orders so that shops can have correct reports about how their businesses are doing daily.

StoreFront also allows for products to be uploaded with barcodes that can be scanned during a sales order with the POS scanner / camera or mobile phone camera. StoreFront would manufacture printable barcodes for a product upon request.

Alerts and notifications of product expiry or low quantity also help Merchants keep an eye on their stock to remove any sudden influx of expired goods or depleted products.

StoreFront’s Product Tool is stock management on steroids. With just a few taps on your phone, you can have complete and accurate oversight over your stock and inventory.

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