Take the Load off with Us

The pandemic has been a really difficult situation to manoeuvre for individuals and collectives all across the world.

The mandatory self isolation, lockdown and the constant barrage by media outlets with the number of cases and economic windfalls did nothing to ease anxiety. In fact, it worsened anxiety and contributed heavily to newfound anxiety attacks in people.

For business owners, this stress was compounded. They were anxious of themselves as individuals and also worried for the state of their business, staff and products.

There was, and still is, fears about how the business would fare and if the business would ever get back to pre-pandemic operation levels (and if at all growth is possible).

Concerns about staff retainment and salaries took a huge amount of sleep from business owners as they were hit with the reality that their staff were breadwinners with a number of dependents who were counting on them.

The lockdown affected the sales of goods in a way that caused non-FMCGs to remain stagnant and risk market devaluation and expiration. Stock was also hard to come by as supply channels were broken with the closing of borders.

Simply put, this era has not been kind to business owners and their mental health has been taken through the grinder.

With that said, it is pertinent that such individuals begin the journey to healing and betterness so that they do not create a toxic space or work environment for those around them and their staff.

A simple and easy-to-do first step to take to de-stress as a business owner is to automate your processes. You do this by making the move to digitize all your business factors such as;

  • Bookkeeping
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Expenses
  • Customers
  • Sales Agents
  • Selling to clients

As a business owner in Africa, StoreFront is the solution for your business. With complete oversight on all activities in the shop 24/7, we aim to ensure that business owners can have all the information about their business just a click away.

As a business, you can minimize the number of staff in your shop by activating your online shop and selling directly to your customers (payments and delivery would be sorted by the platform). You can also monitor your staff using the Sales Agents tool on StoreFront. You can see who sold what, at what time, how much they sold it for and to whom.

Take the Load off with Us was originally published in KudiGo Inc on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.