Bookkeeping on the GO with StoreFront

Getting bookkeeping done as a retailer can be rather tasking especially when you’re not able to do it in real time.

You can quite easily forget something or the details can get lost in translation at a later time. You can also lose information when other people (ie, Sales Agents) take records, when you’re not physically present at your shop. All this can lead to you losing valuable information on a day to day basis.

Having a retail software that understands your needs and can function in real time as a sale is going on is very crucial to solving this problem.

StoreFront would enable you as a retailer to take accurate records of all sales that are coming through your shop. It can even connect you to an ecommerce platform and record sales as and when they come through.

StoreFront has features that allows you to input and specify or personalize sales to your particular preference.

You can give discounts. You can be flexible with your pricing system with our Dynamic Pricing feature. You can delete items from the cart. It is also adjustible for when you need to you can increase quantity.

You can also change your products list from List View to Grid View and vice versa. You can upload pictures with your products, to make it easy to identify. During a sale, you can easily tap on the pictures to just pick what you need to do.

As indicated above, StoreFront’s flexibility extends to Payments Processing. You can process a sale through Cash Payment, Card Payment, USSD, QR Code, Mobile Money or even on credit. The Credit Sale feature is available on our value-worthy premium platform.

For restaurant settings, you can put a halt on the processing of a sale. You can do this by using our Pending Sales feature. This is an awesome feature that will allow you to begin a sales order, but not completely process it till the customer is ready to make payment.

You would also get accurate, day to day reports through your email and live reports in real time through the Reports Module on StoreFront. You would be able to see your profit margins, sales summary (per product) and sales report (per sales order). The Summary Report gives you a quick look at how a product is performing in your shop.

You can check this for varying time periods; from a month to a week to one day. You have the power to specify any date range you wish to view. StoreFront helps you to have up-to-date and pristine bookkeeping as a retailer.

To go even further with providing you with a highly customisable bookkeeping software, StoreFront is integrated with the Sage one accounting software. This makes it easy for clients who use the software to manage information across the platforms. This also sorts the business out by providing verifiable accounting services.

Make the move to StoreFront to experience a visible and positive change in the way you operate as a retailer. Do business the smart way!

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