Discount Promotions on StoreFront Mall: How It Works

Most retail businesses are familiar with the terms “discount”, “promotions”, ‘offers” and “sale”. All these are buzzwords that instantly trigger interest in most shoppers / buyers. This interest could result in massive sales, massive clearance of old stock and could gain a business long-term customers.

So, to put it frankly, occasional promos and discount offers are good for a business!!

And it’s Christmas!! Need we say more?

On StoreFront Mall, it is possible to create a PROMOTION (which can include a discount on product price) in order for it to reflect on your website. Visitors to your site and your customers will be able to see the PROMOTION and its CODES on your site.

To activate this, a Business can simply visit their StoreFront Mall Dashboard and click on “Online Shop”. Then proceed to “Promotions” and select ADD to begin creating a promotional offer for your shop. Specify the “Shop” you are creating the PROMO for and select the “Promo Type”. Name your PROMO and set a Start Date and End Date for the PROMO duration.

When creating a PROMO, make sure to confirm the Promo Code Usage. You have to decide how you want your codes to be sued and pick an appropriate option to suit. Currently we have 2 options which are “UNIQUE CODE FOR EACH CUSTOMER” which means that you wish to create a PROMO that would have individual, single-use codes for each and every Customer and Sale. This means that the same code cannot be used more than once. The other option is the “1 CODE FOR MULTIPLE CUSTOMERS” which means that you can create one code that can be used by multiple customers. Click “SAVE” to create the PROMO.

Now it is time to create PROMO CODES within the PROMO created. To do this, click on the three-dotted icon beside the promotion and select “View Detail”. On the new page, select “Pro Codes” in the taskbar and click on “ADD PROMO CODE”. Indicate what you want the Promo Code Rate Type to be; whether AMOUNT VALUE (This means the discount will be an amount eg, GHS 20 or NGN 5000) or PERCENTAGE VALUE (This means the discount will be a set percentage off the regular amount eg, 15% off). Proceed to set a Name for the Promo Code and enter the Promo Code Rate Value (GHS 20 / NGN 5000 or 15% / 18%). Specify whether you want your Promo Code to be displayed on your StoreFront Mall website by checking the box beside it and click SAVE.


Did we add that from now till the end of December, StoreFront Mall will be footing the discount differences of Items bought using the PROMO CODES.. Santa Claus is in town!! Let us do all the work for you.

That’s it!! You are now a proud member of the discount giving community!! Retailer level unlocked!!

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