Let me describe Storefront version 1.4.8 — improved user interface, and user experience, without compromise on integrity. Indeed, this is exactly what you will discover nowadays, when you walk through the features of KudiGo Storefront.

KudiGo Storefront

Why has this been possible? Simple! We have been listening to our customers. Once upon a time we created and app and thought,what a great thing, retailers will love it. But little did we know that each retailer conducted their business differently. Armed with this knowledge, we have developed the Storefront features in a way that the end user needs it to work.

On Storefront today, we have released new updated version 1.4.8 which comes with numerous upgraded features. Exciting things are happening every day with KudiGo Storefront.

Upgrade your KudiGo Storefront app on Google Play to enjoy these amazing features!

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