New Update For Service Businesses

KudiGO Storefront
We have always believed that the success of our business is dependent on how well we listen to our customers and utilize their input in our product iterations. KudiGO Storefront, was built purposely to nature and grow African retail businesses, however there was a small niche market of retailers who offer services and not physical products. This niche, however small, played a critical role in offering essential services such as cleaning services, tailoring services, barbering saloons, hairdressing saloons, beauty services and much much more!

We have released a new update for all SERVICE businesses (cleaning, tailoring, photography, barbering, hairdressing, beauty and much more). Enjoy the convenience KudiGO Storefront brings to your business process. The update is LIVE on Google Play Here is a video explaining the new features. We will love to hear from you with great feedback to help us do better!

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