Warning: Tricky Path Ahead Disclaimer: KudiGo Owned It

Warning: Tricky Path Ahead Disclaimer: KudiGo Owned It

Here at KudiGo, we say that we are offering “tailor-made solutions for the African retail space”. And we mean it.

For instance, quality User Experience on an app or software cannot be gambled with.

Particularly with regards to apps that seek to replace traditional methods of doing things.

In retail software, solutions have to ensure that they continuously cater to the users, who like everyday human beings, have ever-changing needs and preferences.

Ensuring that your solution helps rather than hinders users is a very tricky path that can turn against you very quickly. More often than not, the passage of time is the only contributing factor. Users can simply prefer to use one payment option over the other after 3 months of constant, faultless use of that method. The job then lies on the solution to ensure that it stays ahead of the time curve.

Users have given feedback over sometime now with regards to how they would like the StoreFront app to work for them. We listened. We learned. And we amended.

Our StoreFront app now has a new look that was carefully curated by our Team of awesome software engineers after a rigorous bout of market research.

Our Dashboard has been optimised to ensure that frequently used modules are easy to find and located in easy-to-see areas.

We have also added a universal “add” button that is ever ready with a list of options on whatever a user wishes to add at the time;

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Sales Order
  • Campaign

Processes like making a Sales Order has been optimised to ensure that it takes less time to process an order. This change has been effected while still ensuring that all necessary information regarding a Sales Order, such as Customer Detail, Discounts, Receipting and Payment Option is still accounted for.

Our new e-commerce platform “StoreFront Mall” also has a sub-module on the StoreFront app, allowing users to process sales that come through their online stores.

Our Premium platform now boasts of several new features that are a welcome benefit to any retail venture.

Various changes have been made to boost the general User Experience on the app.

KudiGo is committed to finding easy and accessible ways for retailers to comfortably boost their business.

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