KudiGo Storefront 360 is Here

KudiGo Storefront 360 Dashboard

D o you know that feeling of being so exhausted that time flies without having an idea of how your business is faring? The frustration that comes with losing focus of the little details of your business growth due to little or no insight of your business operations? We at KudiGO continuously share in your struggle, and this has been our daily wake-up call which we gladly accept without hesitation.

Over the past years, we have been committed to providing you with innovative business solutions that best meet your business needs. This commitment gave birth to KudiGo Storefront, an android-based application that helps you manage and grow your business in a seamless way, offering a great feeling that you can only experience with KudiGo Storefront.

Our endless effort to empower you with reliable business solutions led to the birth of our recent innovation named KudiGo Storefront 360. A web-based business solution that offers a 360-degree oversight of your business operations. Storefront 360 is a new tool added to your business suite to demonstrate our commitment to helping you grow your business. With Storefront 360 as the new business tool designed specifically for you, you have the power to attain great momentum with the values discussed below.


With this module, you have access to a holistic overview of your business. This helps you understand the following over a period:

  • Sales Orders processed
  • Your Sales Margin
  • Customers that visited your business(es)
  • Your Suppliers and
  • An intelligent Business Alerts that informs you of alarming issues relating to your business.


This interesting module offers you an Intelligent Insights on sensitive aspects of your business to help you make effective decisions. It helps minimize the complexities involved in identifying the little details within your business operations.


With this exciting module, you are able to view and download comprehensive reports such as;

  • Sales Summary
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Margin
  • Transactions (which details electronic payments carried out in your business)
Sales Summary Report


We care about the performance of your Sales Agents, hence we offer you this module to help you understand their Sales performance.


Products module gives you the flexibility of knowing your current stock level. You are able to access stock histories of actions performed on any particular product. Furthermore, you can upload products with this module which will be available in your stores.


This module enables you to track your customers including those that owe you, the amount they owe, and their repayment dates. You are also able to know the last time a customer visited any of your business(es).


This module helps you as a business owner to identify the suppliers you worked with when restocking.

We have provided these and many more values in Storefront 360 to empower you manage and grow your business with less stress whilst we take care of the hard work.

Follow this link to login to KudiGo Storefront 360 with your KudiGo Storefront account.

For further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support using [email protected], or follow to visit our website.

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