REMEMBER; The Customer is always King!

The customer is always king

Imagine building a great product or service, you launch it on the market, people are dazzled with how awesome it is, they want it bad! So bad that they can’t sleep! Your phone keeps buzzing non-stop with gazillion requests, and assistance. Initially you are thrilled, people need you! In fact, they need you so much that you can afford to be scarce. The need for scarcity grows into a huge demand, that ups your sales numbers and profits. You feel you have arrived! You let that get into your head! Now when people call, they become more of a nuisance. You start rejecting calls, your bottom line is declining, but you are so high up the pyramid to give a rat’s posterior.

You keep getting complaints one after another, people start to feel you don’t care, and they start leaving. This hits sales so hard that you feel the pyramid starts to give way. Brick after brick, everything you’ve built together starts to fall apart. Your attempt at salvaging your company begins to fail. You feel it’s the workforce, so heads must roll. You begin axing some people off, but it’s just getting worse.

This is where you need to stop! You need to stop finger-pointing, look within and ask yourself the glaring question, “where did I go wrong?” When you get to that “Jesus take-wheel” moment, you will realise that though you had everything going good for you, you missed one key focus of your business, the customer.

Amazon is currently on a mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. This statement is a tad bit audacious if you ask me. Maybe it’s because we’ve not been able to wrap our heads around the fact that they used the qualifier “Earth” in place of the “world” as other people often do. However, their forward thinking, out-of-ordinary approach to everything is glaring testimony to this instance. Amazon is a company that bent the trappings of modern technology to their will, and came out with a whopping $10.1 billion in net income in 2018 alone. With this overwhelming amount of investment they put into ensuring that they have one of the most reliable customer care services known to man, this should not come as a surprise if they decide to conquer the universe, one customer at a time.

Taking cue from Amazon, KudiGO, as a start-up, has come to understand the fact that the customer is KING and his or her needs have to be attended to like royalty. We do not miss the fact that the customer is crucial to the success and growth of a company. Over the course of six months, we have experienced accelerated growth because we have given keen ears to our customers. Our customers have made us look good before potential investors. But in truth, they have been the brain behind our awesomeness all along. Most of the KudiGo Storefront’s latest upgrades have been innovations around what the customers needs are, rather than what we offer. Our myriad of features and modules, such double check-out, credit payments, specific date ranges of sales, modifying of sales orders etc. were introduced to the product through the inspiration of our cherished customers.

What we believe we can do to return the favour is to continue to be a detailed-oriented organisation, that provides a personalized customer service experience, with an attentive and responsive team. The aim is to up the effectiveness with every customer’s business growth.

Being immovable when it comes to customer’s suggestions and requests can make a company and their product generally unusable by such customers. And in the tech world, notoriety bleeds out and creates bad impressions among regular users, who will trust word-of-mouth assessment of these products and not even attempt to test the credibility of these views. Some do test it for themselves, however, and they find the problems of the product glaring at them because they have these wide-spread assessments in mind whilst perusing the product or service.

With Yahoo, this rings true in the instance where this Tech Mega-corporation refused to process and understand why many of their customers were referring to the app as “unusable” on Quora, especially after they flooded their site and search engine with their own personal content. The criticisms ranged from them being unable to adapt with the times and the customer’s needs accordingly, to their representatives having poor responses to customer’s criticisms and suggestions on the site. Over the years, Yahoo has done amazing things with their company, but the misalignment with their customers in recent years and their reviews has not garnered a good reputation for them. Especially among prospective users, who want to trust a tech company with most of the online needs such as email, search engines, news etc.

When it comes to prime customer relations as a tech company; promptness, courteousness, professionalism and a personalized delivery are the very pillars that make all the difference between happy customers, and dissatisfied, fed-up customers. The essential lifeblood of any tech company are those who use their app to help customers navigate the intricacies of human nature and understanding. This helps them stay strong and firm regardless of the ebb and flow of human interests on a global, national or societal level. KudiGO is determined to grow alongside our customers and ensure that we never lose relevance in our quest for longevity.

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