Digitizing Business Factors: Sales Agents

The topic of Sales Agents is a familiar concept in the African retail space. Business owners employ people to handle the day-to-day sales in their shop so that they can manage all their outlets at once or focus on another aspect of their lives. Regardless of their reasoning behind employing Sales Agents, one thing is certain; they all want to have complete oversight into what the Sales Agents are doing in their business.

Sales Agents might misinform customers on the prices of goods and services, often unintentionally, which may cause customers to lose interest at the exorbitant (and unsteady) pricing or may cause the business to lose profit due to the ridiculously underpriced items. Both of these scenarios are avoidable with StoreFront. Being a complete mobile retail suite, StoreFront allows business owners / managers to add Sales Agents to the shops they create on the system. This StoreFront shop would already have all the products in the shop listed as well as their respective prices so that no prices are left up to chance.

As is typical in an African retail outfit, there is also a lot of client-based pricing systems that are determined by the business owner. With the presence of Sales Agents, it may be a bit difficult to track how this pricing system is used from client to client. StoreFront tackles this with a feature called Dynamic Pricing. This allows you to input a price different from the preset price when you are making a sales order. Business owners can allow or restrict a Sales Agent from doing this activity in their shop with the Agent Permissions in the Agents Module on StoreFront.

StoreFront also allows Business owners to set discounts on particular groups of Customers (based on a preset group, number of times they visited the shop etc). Business owners can permit or restrict an Agent from giving discounts during sales.

Having oversight as a business owner is never underrated. Beyond having an accurate report of every single sale your Sales Agents make in your shop, you will be able to ensure that they do not see the overall profit information of the whole shop. This is also a permission you can restrict or allow at the Agents Module on StoreFront.

As a Business owner, you can also upgrade an Agent to Shop Manager to ensure that they have access to all the features and modules in the particular shop you have created them. On StoreFront, shop managers can access profit information, perform dynamic pricing, give discounts, view customer information, add products, delete sales orders etc in their shop. With our passion of giving the Business Owner full control of the business, you can also downgrade a Shop Manager to a Sales Agent with the simple tap of a button.

StoreFront is a very customisable retail software that is preset to understand and digitize the eccentricities of the African retail space. Sales Agents are something we understand very well and we are determined to give the business owner a 360 degree oversight over their business.

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