The Customer Ferris Wheel

Dealing with customers as a retailer can be really daunting especially when you try to anticipate their needs and wants ahead of time so that you can offer top-notch solutions.

Frankly, this takes guts. It takes patience and determination to look in the eye of the inevitable and seek to ride its waves.

What do we advise here at KudiGo?

We say that you gently nudge and shape your customers tastes. That way you would have already thought of their wants and choices before they turn to you, ensuring a dependable reputation for you as a retailer.

The Customers Module on StoreFront has been optimised to ensure that your records are seamless. You can keep accurate information about your customers, when and what they bought from, if they currently owe you (and tell you exactly how much). StoreFront also sends periodic reminders to customers who owe you to ensure that they make payment on time.

You can also group your customers into specific segments (eg, workers from a particular company, friends and family, Government workers, Parents) for easier management. Based on this grouping, you can easily set discounts that would apply to only the customers within that group. These discounts can give you freedom to ensure that appropriate sales are made to your customers even when you are not physically present.

The Customer Module allows you to also send periodic communiques to your customers using the Campaigns feature. You can inform them of special discounts, promotions, offers or new/available stock. You can personalize the messages to appeal to your customers with images and specific wording and writing style. You have all the creative power here. When it comes to sending out your customer campaigns, you have the option to send it to all your customers or specific customer groups depending on the target audience.

With the Customer Module alone, you can ensure that you finesse the customer aspect of your business. You can always keep communication channels with your customers, entice them with offers, sales and promos even before they physically make their way to your shop. Or even pick up their phone to order from you online. All you need is your android mobile phone and an attitude to conquer.

The Customer Ferris Wheel was originally published in KudiGo Inc on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.