Make Money with KudiGo

Since time in memorial, the availability of skilled individuals who can sell (simply put) has never been undermined. From corporations and industries like Big Pharma, the educational complex, governments to small scale businesses like eateries, supermarkets and roadside grocery shops, the need to have people who can effectively sell to the target audience or consumers is always paramount.

When it comes to the Software as a Service (SAS) part of the aisle, the need is materialised in the form of Resellers. Resellers help with the on-the-ground marketing, sales, implementation and support of the software, thus helping companies to have more reach.

This also gives a very personal “human” touch to the software solution, assuring Users the solution has a face. This is more important in the African setting where many people are still not completely comfortable with the complete digitization of processes.

Here at KudiGo, we have a Partner Program that seeks to train dedicated individuals to sell and implement the StoreFront and StoreFront Mall solutions. We have a system to train and test the Partners who work with us so as to ensure that only excellent and knowledgeable service is being discharged to Users at all times. The Partner Program is entirely commision-based so that Resellers can make and track their income as per their sales and effectiveness.

In light of recent events, KudiGo has put in place the Bulk Purchase Offer to ensure that we can help our valued Resellers make maximum profit in their sales endeavours. With this offer, we are giving our Resellers the software license at a massively discounted rate to ensure that they make huge profit when they sell them at standard end-user price.

KudiGo works hand in hand with our valued Resellers to ensure that business is beneficial to all parties involved; from on-the-ground Customer service to tangible revenue. Register to be a KudiGo Reseller today and see a marked change in your income. All you need to bring is tenacity, professionalism and a desire to make money!

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