The New Smart, has an even “Smarter Look!”

Change, as a law of the universe is one of the most important fixtures of life that cannot be ignored. Without change, the seasons will come and go without us noticing. We will be in perpetual day time or night, if change does not usher in light or darkness. It is said that change is constant; and as a caterpillar moves through a process to become a butterfly, anything that wants to reach its full potential, must submit to the inevitability of change.

KudiGo Inc as a startup that set out to redefine consumer retail in Africa has come to appreciate the process of change, and has given itself to the constant demands of change in order to chalk certain milestones in our startup journey. With the introduction of our first product, KudiGo Storefront, and its wide acceptance as the unique solution for the informal, micro businesses and SMEs, we knew this was just the beginning of something big.

KudiGo StoreFront has gone through series of change

Even though Storefront is a great product, we knew we could not be static or rely on our own instincts to make this work. We came to appreciate the fact that transforming the product to its full potential needed the input of actual users, who the system was made for. Through an effective feedback programme, KudiGo Storefront has gained the momentum we all hoped for.

But this is not where it ends, KudiGo StoreFront is still going through a series of modifications, and one of such is the new outlook we will be presenting to our users in the coming months.

Why the change…

Creating a more definitive product is what inspired the change

As KudiGo Inc expands into a major brand, which comes with the inception of other products, there has been the need to define the StoreFront product to take an identity of its own. This is so that we can create a more definitive approach to how you, our cherished user can relate to the product.

What to Expect

What users will notice from the new look of StoreFront is the logo, the text and the colours. Here’s a breakdown of how this all works…

The Logo

The logo communicates the sense of control, order, and oversight the product gives to business owners

The logo in total highlights StoreFront in bold text, with an icon of the different shapes stacked together in a progressive fashion that represents the sense of control, order, and oversight, the product essentially communicates.

The Text

The StoreFront has been boldly highlighted to give the name some emphasis

The text as you will continuously notice will read “StoreFront By KudiGo Inc” The StoreFront has been boldly highlighted to give the name some emphasis, and the “By KudiGo Inc has been subtexted beneath to provide depict the brand

The Colours

The colour signifies diversification, consistency, progression and mobility.

StoreFront borrows its colour palettes from the main brand colour which is a rich forest green, (which stands for money, growth and sustainability) complemented with white ( which also stands for plainess, accountability and oversight). StoreFront draws from these colours and spreads them out into warmer shades of the green, which signifies diversification, consistency, progression and mobility.

We hope you love the smart new look of StoreFront by KudiGo Inc. Stay tuned for more of this product and the effective solution it promises to deliver!

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