Digitizing Business Factors: Buying on StoreFront Mall

Buying on StoreFront Mall is a simplified but wholesome experience. Many modifications have been made over time to ensure that Buyers have a relatively easy time navigating the system and finding what they need.

With a web interface that has been optimised for both computer and mobile devices, StoreFront Mall’s dashboard provides a search bar with which users can find products easily. A taskbar with product categories can also be located at the top of the dashboard, to help with easy product search and identification.

The bottom half of the page will have product recommendations from the Top Products on the system. This is to help undecided visitors to the site see what we have on offer. There is a filter button to help Users streamline their homepage results to begin with either the Highest or Lowest priced products on the platform.

Short Cut:

A User can simply add to cart by click on the Cart Icon on the bottom left corner of a product image. You can also click on the “eye” icon to view Product Detail.

With such a wide display of options to help one find what they are looking for, a User only needs to click on a product for a Product Detail page to be opened. On the Product Detail page, you will be able to see a clearer image of the product as well as multiple images of the same product (if available). There is a section for a User to indicate the quantity they want, the system will then alert the User if that quantity can be provided or if it is out of stock. You can also see the shop that it is available from, with its accompanying physical address. At the bottom of the Product Detail page, you will be able to see other products from the same shop.

To proceed with buying this product, select ADD TO CART in the clickable green box below the product information. A pop-up would inform you that your product has been successfully added to cart. This can be confirmed by viewing the cart icon at the top right corner of the page to look at the number alert it now carries (this will increase as more aand more products are aadded to cart). At this section, the User has the option to browse further or proceed to checkout.

To checkout, simply click on the cart icon at the top right corner of the page to open the Checkout page. At this section, you can adjust quantity, remove the product from your cart, continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

At this point, a User will be asked to Checkout as Guest, Sign In or Sign Up. To checkout as guest, you would have to provide your full name and phone number for tracking purposes (the information would not be kept after delivery has been successfully done).

After this, you will be asked to select the delivery option ( Bike, Bolt, Uber, Pickup) you prefer. Click on CONTINUE to move to the next section. If you choose any delivery option, make sure to enter your location correctly (you can make use of the google maps locator to help you, if necessary).

Please note that for international orders, the only delivery option available is DHL and the only payment method availble is CARD PAYMENT.

Choose a Payment Method that you wish to use; Mobile Money services from the telcos or Card Payment. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view your Order Total (including delivery). If you select any Mobile Money option, you will be required to input your number. Click on COMPLETE ORDER PAYMENT to complete paying for your order.

That’s it.

You have sucessfully made a purchase on StoreFront Mall.

You will receive an SMS confirming that your order has gone through and if you face any challenges at all, click on the NEED HELP button at the bottom left of the page.

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