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Its fair to say that our business here @kudigoinc has evolved greatly over the past six (6) months; after focusing on #digitzing #retailtech for two(2) years, #covid19 pushed us to innovate into a marriage of #retailtech + #ecommerce thus we launched StorefrontMall in May 2020

“An ecommerce builder and marketplace, converting in-store inventory into ecommerce stores with delivery and payment plugins designed for convenience”

As the solution evolved; we got tons of feedback from our users and in staying with our culture, we listened and began a redesign based solely on user feedback. This article captures the Ten (10) new elements coming to our web based Merchant Dashboard; five(5) of which are live now! lets get right into it.

  1. First on the list is our new and improved dashboard; the design and UX was built to achieve two simple tasks; “ease of navigation” and “meaningful insights”. We have thus introduced a left side navigation pane, a centered insights view and a right hand side quick action display.
  2. Secondly we have brought in all “54 features and functionalities” in our mobile based solution onto the Merchant dashboard. This simply means you can enjoy great features such as discounts, customer campaigns and many more! (click here to view videos on our ecommerce store).
  3. Thirdly we have separated the settings for your online store from that of your offline store. This means that for any merchant who has no “physical store” you do not have to worry about any settings related to same; you can just focus on your online store and that’s it!
4. The fourth new feature and adjustment is in our pricing; our merchants told us in a survey of how dire their cashflow situation was; so what did we do? We reduced our pricing by over 60%! Now everyone can get storefront premium for GHS 25.00/month or NGN 2,000/month; and thats not all; for those merchants who choose to pay for a year; we discount it by 50%! This is our way of saying, we listen and are here to help you grow!

5. Engaging with customers is critical for every merchant, whether online or in-store; we have therefore introduced the “Customer Campaign”. With this feature, merchants can send bulk messages to their customer for FREE via email or via SMS and Whatsapp for a small fee. This means your customers will never miss out on your latest products or latest promos.

So these are the five(5) out of ten (10) new improvements we have been working on, Wondering what the next five (5) will be; let me leave you with some tips; canva, facebook shop, Storefront Desktop, discount codes, whatsapp shop….

Keep your ears our for our next update; and checkout this new dashboard here and give us your feedback; we always listen!

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